@NiallOfficial: Rodney is a good guy! Doesn’t say much though !

@Ashton5SOS: Hangin with my man Rodney


Rare Louis +

Niall telling a bald man to politely shut the fuck up. 

@harrystyles: Lego.


he doesn’t stop smiling the whole time dammit harry


20/60: Favourite Zarry moment - Singing in Paul & Clodagh's wedding video. 


it’s actually kind of nice to watch an awards show without one direction bc i feel like i can breathe and look away from the tv without worrying about missing the camera pan to the boys while they’re doing something cute or harry and louis making out or something


somewhere in LA harry styles is making arrangements to own that glittery blazer that ringo is wearing


do not make ed sheeran the leonardo dicaprio of the grammy’s